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About Breakthrough Graphics...

derrick picBreakthrough Graphics was founded by Art Director and Owner, Derrick Cook, in 1995. His background experience ranges from ad agencies to magazines.

Derrick was born and raised in San Diego, CA., and educated in Graphic Design and Multimedia at Platt College.

Derrick now resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife and four kids.

Work History:

  • I have been the owner and operator of Breakthrough Graphics since 1995, however, I have also worked for many companies as well. I have worked in advertising agencies and publications for many years and gained valuable experience that I now bring to my clients to help them with their branding and advertising. I have grown my company from just me to having a few  key people to support me and my clients. My team is extremely talented and specialized in their own areas of expertise.

Interests and Activities:

  • Board member of the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, CO and photographer and designer for the Castle. Miramont Castle is incredible, as soon as you step in the doors, you travel back in time to the 1890s. Being a history buff, I fell in love with the Castle right away. It is a must see.
  • Photography was always a hobby of mine since I can remember, but over time I started to shoot for magazines and businesses that I represented. It was nice to be paid to shoot...lol... It is funny where life takes you, I found myself shooting supermodels in the Virgin Islands, Maui, and Kawaii. I look forward to seeing what happens next, I sometimes feel that I'm just along for the ride. :)
  • Kayaking, Hiking, Backpacking and Fishing are my outdoor activity.
  • Even though Graphic and Web Design are what I do for a living, I would still have to list them as "Interests and Activities". I am an artist at heart, it is not just a job. I spend a lot of free time learning new things in the design field.