Wow, Derrick! I just got home from vacation, and the business cards were waiting for me, and they look great!! I'll try to refer other people to you. Thanks again!
Kenneth Gardner - Mannatech, Inc.

Derrick, just thought I would tell you I am constantly getting compliments on my business cards. Last night a friend of mine called me and said they are the best business cards he has ever seen. David Wick - ReMax Properties

Derrick, WOW!! You are sooooo good! I am very excited about the new look. It's fresh, gives the feel I want. My husband calls it "successful western", and will really help stimulate the market segment I'm targeting.

Kathy Genz - ReMax Properties

D, You out did yourself on this one! Scott just sent me the logo because he liked it so much. I was blown away! It is flat out and totally awesome.

Chris Boardman - Print Builders (Coffee Express Logo)

Hey Derrick, Thanks for wow-ing some of my clients with your work. It's great for a printer to work with some layouts and designs that look awesome as a finished product Your work is great and you're my first choice for referrals.

John Donovan - XPress Printing

Wow! Wow! Wow! I freakin love it! That logo burnt into the door is pure GENIUS!!!!!! I can't stop staring at it.

Lance Hayward - Precise Home Inspection (brochure)

Marce, make sure you tell your photographer (Derrick) that the Stagecoach picture is AWESOME!!! I love the way he laid the snowy stagecoach picture behind the window like that! Genius! The Craftwood photo and ad look great, too!

Jessie Estes, Marketing Director - Craftwood Inn and Stagecoach Inn

Derrick, I gotta tell you, there are very few things that excite me as much as the work you did for me on my new logo and business cards! I mean WOW!!!! It actually motivated me to work harder because of now I have to live up to the perception the card gives of my company! Thank you for everything, you have always been there and came through for us, I look forward to our future endeavors, and get ready for the website creation!

Tony Misiaszek - MIZ International

Pikes Peak Country Attractions says that if you hadn't made up such a beautiful brochure, we wouldn't be out so soon! They can hardly keep them in the racks. I hope your logo is on the brochures; if not, it should be.
Don't forget what I always tell you -- we LOVE you!
Karen - Miramont Castle

This is fantastic….

Let’s go…how do you do it? I love how Our Lord works through your unending talent…
Betti Burke - Wyoming Liberty Group

I LOVE IT! Its THE one!!! Yes, Peter and I talked about how you captured EVERYTHING!! Even the engraving :)!!!! Thanks for listening to us and using your design mojo to give me everything I wanted and then more!!

Melaina - Emerson Leigh

The site looks Awesome! Thanks so much for all your hard work, professionalism and flexibility. I look forward to working with you this summer and growing the site. I would gladly refer you to anyone who might be looking to start or redo their site. Justin - Golden Leaf Landscapes