Professional Logo Development

We here at Breakthrough Graphics, understand the importance of a powerful logo to represent your company. The logo must represent you as the owner and your business. When you have a logo developed by us, you will be very happy with the out come. Most logos can run from $150 to $450 based on the complexity of the logo. We can usually gauge the job once we have talked with you and then give you a flat rate on the logo.

Logo Branding

The logo is so critical to your business. If you are going to advertise at all, you need to develop that logo recognition. The more people see your logo in the community, the more trust is built in your company.

First Things First...

Once we have met with you either in person or on the phone, and have a really good idea of your company and your goals, the logo is where we start. Once the logo is developed, then the rest of your brand tends to fall in place. Here is where fonts and colors are branded, if there is an image or images being used in the logo, they tend to find there way to your other market branding.