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Breakthrough Graphics specializes in publication production. We do everything from the media kits for your sales team to ad design, editorial layout, classified layout, pagination and sending to the printer. Contact us today to see how we can help in getting you starting in publishing.


Peak Values Magazine

Peak Values is a direct mail magazine for Colorado Springs all the way to South Denver. It is broken up by zones of 50,000 mailed magazines to high income homes. It is zoned so that small business targeting a smaller area of town can still advertise for a great price. Peak Values started it's company in 2009 with a simple prototype publication. They tested the market in one zone and found that the coupon redemption was high and the clients were happy. The magazine is still going strong and I do highly recommend this magazine to all my clients that would benefit from a direct mailer. See PeakValuesMagazine.com for the most current online magazines.


Colorado Fisherman Magazine

This magazine was produced in 2006. It had a short run, but did ok for the few issues it was out. I had a lot of fun being a part of this publication. Being interested in fishing, I was able to learn much from the magazine and the publisher.



California Horsetrader

One of my jobs in California was Art Director for the California Horsetrader. This was a fun, yet challenging job. We came out twice a month and most issues where almost 200 pages. I was responsible for ad builds, pagination and film output. I did the press checks in the evening as well. This was great experience for where I am now. The sample to the right is just a few covers and ads that I did back in that day. But it does show the ability that my company can offer you if you are looking at wanting a large publication. The Horsetrader was placed in rack locations for the most part, but they did also have a large subscription base.



Restoration News Magazine

Restoration News stared in 2008. Its goal was to target Christian readers with great articles. I was asked to design the logo originally and that lead to designing ads and editorial. I really wish the magazine was still around. I loved the concept and it was reasonably inexpensive to produce. It was on Newsprint and Full Color, but only racked in specific locations. That type of strategy works for this kind of publication. However, for whatever reason, they only lasted a few issues.